Thursday, September 11, 2008

What to do about BOOKS?

We've hit a milestone!  Victor loves to be read to.  I have been waiting anxiously for this day, and it's finally arrived!  He will now hand me a book, sit with a smile on his face while I read it, (sometimes) clap at the end, and hand it back to me for another read.  Very cute.  Or, at least until I've read the same book 8 times, but that's another post.

There is something strange going on, though.  Naturally, we have books in both English and Spanish in our house.  Victor will sit patiently while I read an English book in English, or a Spanish book in Spanish.  He also loves hearing my husband read a Spanish book in Spanish.  However, if my husband (who has a great command of the English language) tries to read him an English book--either in English as written or translated into Spanish--game over!  Victor moves on and starts playing with another toy.  What's the deal?

I've tried to experiment and translate some of the more simple English books ("see the puppy run and jump") into Spanish and the same thing happens.  Does he know???

Which brought us to our most recent dilemma--since "in the house" is Spanish time, should we even be reading English books to Victor here?

For now, I will continue to read the books as written, and I've asked hubby to read books in Spanish unless they are dependent on being read in English (rhyming, alphabet books, etc). Once Victor gets old enough to ask/answer questions about the book, we'll do that in Spanish. 

A ver que pasa!

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