Saturday, August 23, 2008

Book Review! Todos Los Besos

I am in LOVE with this book!!!

I found "Todos Los Besos" by Alex Sanders and Pierrick Bisinski at Philadelphia's "Free Library"'s kiddie foreign language section.

It's a cute board book that is extremely simple in nature. The little blue fairy on the cover runs around giving and receiving besitos to and from mama, el perrito, un osito, etc. etc.

The clever part is that each of these besitos are named:

Papa's kiss is the "beso que pica" (he's in need of a shave)

The fishie's kiss is the "beso glu glu"

and there are even dramatic tears when the fairy is "sin beso".

The pictures are supercute, with bright colors that kept my little man amused time and time again. The best part was that the pages were indented so that he could easily turn the pages himself with his clumsy little deditos.

Here is some additional information on the book and the author / illustrator:

and you can purchase it (used, at least) here:

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