Thursday, January 8, 2009

Must we choose between Santa and Los Reyes?

This year it didn't matter as the kids were so young, but in the future how will we decide which holiday traditions to follow--American or Spanish?

We're living in the US now, but what if we move back to Spain? Or what if we go to Spain for the holidays one year, but stay home the next?

And if we celebrate both traditions? But then why would our children be the only ones lucky enough to (for example) receive gifts from both Santa and Los Reyes Magos?

I love the idea of the Reyes Magos since Christmas and the Epiphany are religious holidays and the tradition of the Reyes Magos follows the bible story. However, our jolly Saint Nick and his team of hard-working elves have a special place in my heart.

My husband actually came up with a fantastic idea: there are soooo many children in the world that Santa and the Reyes Magos actually work together as a team. They split up the world and each have certain children in their lists. Cool, eh? Hubby is so smart!

Now, what happens when we are in the States for Christmas, but in Spain for Reyes????

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