Monday, February 9, 2009

Will You Be Mine?

This weekend we got together with some friends for an American tradition: making Valentines Day cards for the grandparents. 

I wasn't sure how it would go (often I feel as if I'm tearing Victor away from such important things as investigating teeny tiny pieces of paper on the ground to do these "silly" crafts), but it was a success--two completed Valentines for his American Grandparents and Great-Grandmother.

If you're in the mood to make some home-made Valentines Day cards, here are some things that worked for us:

  • Office Supply Stores like Staples carry blank 3x5 and 5x7 note cards (remember the stuff you used to make flash cards for all of that foreign language vocab?) that work great for this and fit, folded in half, into a standard envelope.

  • Crayola makes washable "stamp markers" that have kisses and heart designs that are super easy for toddlers to manage.

  • Stickers are tons of fun and an easy way for little hands to make a cool design.

  • You can also cut little hearts and kisses out of construction paper and help your little one stick them to the card stock with a glue stick.

  • Get a washable ink pad or finger paint and make hand and / or feet prints to record this moment.

  • My friend bought an adorable stamp that read "handmade by:" and had the boys (okay, the mommies) "sign" underneath.

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